Social Media Explained

Social Media defines the activities that integrate technology, social interaction and the sharing of words, images, video and audio.

This form of marketing, often called Social Media Marketing, is part of the overall marketing and branding strategy.

It is a technique  (comprised of infrastructure and content) used to market your brand online.

  • Social is talking, interacting (ENGAGING) with people – connects you on a much deeper and emotional level.
  • Social Media utilises technology to brand / market yourself online. (DESIGN)
  • Social Media allows you to connect with people (customers and potential customers) (INVITE / ENGAGE)
  • Social Media Marketing is having meaningful conversations and building relationships with your customer.  This develops a life long referral customer.  (ENGAGING / CONVERT)
  • Social Media Management is creating the platforms to do all the above and maximising it to its full potential (DESIGN)

Social Media is different to traditional push style of marketing– advertisements placed in media , the traditional “push type” approach to branding – a form of “shouting to the masses”.  Social Media focuses on connecting and engaging with your audience.


Depending on your business and how you intend to engage with your potential audience online there are numerous social media networks available for including into your Social Media Strategy.  These social media platforms include blogging, networking, bookmarking, publishing and collaborative environments.

As per any of the Net Branding Workshops we hold, we will cover what we consider to be the current primary elements of a social media infrastructure.

Blog – Business Blogging is the secret ingredient of any online strategy and the source of informative and relevant content that you share with your online audience.  It is the ingredient that assists most companies in gaining tangible business returns from the time and money they spend on Social Media.

Facebook – a Facebook Business Page, which can act as its own mini-website.  Customised Tabs sets your business page apart from others. When users arrive at your Facebook page you only have between 3-30 seconds to give them the WOW factor.  Tabs shows professionalism on a business page and allows the business to showcase their products and / or  services.

  SEO and Keyword Research – the foundation of any online activity.

LinkedIn – a professional networking site. A key element for extending that business – to – business connection and providing an element of “professionalism” to any online marketing / branding activities.

Twitter – A broadcast  tool out to your profile “followers”.  Limited in characters but connecting back to your blog or website to assist with the direction of internet traffic.

YouTube – broadcasting yourself.  YouTube is a video content site where you can host and share video clips.

As part of a clients branding we will  included profiling on at least 8 to 10 social media networks.

Please view the following video.  It provides an overview of the impact of Social Media Today – THE SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION.

For any further question, please contact the team at Net Branding.